The Hourglass is a wieldable Item that can also be used as a weapon.

It is found within The Temple, which is the Starting Area of the Inside Layer.


Normal AreaEdit

The Primary Ability of the Hourglass is to pause and reverse time outside of the radius. The radius for it is 10 feet in all directions around the user. You can only use the ability for 2 minutes within each Area, after this 2 minutes is up, it will be unusable. When using the ability, it is not possible for the user to move or be knocked out of place, but they are still able to take damage. If a team member is not within the radius, then they to will be paused or reversed in time along with any Creatures outside of the radius, but anyone or anything within the radius will not be affected and will still be able to move or fight within the radius. If stepping out of the radius when time is paused, then they will now be paused as well. You can not step out of the radius when time is being reversed, if you were able to then you would just bounce right back into the radius due to time being reversed back to when you were in the radius. When reversing time, if anyone or anything is put into the radius due to them moving back in time, they will stop moving back in time and be able to move and fight just like normal.

Boss AreaEdit

The Boss Ability of the Hourglass is a lot simpler than the Primary Ability. You are still able to pause time with it, but you are no longer able to reverse time with it. The radius is still 10 feet in all directions around the user, but instead of time being affected outside of the radius, now it is the time affected inside of the radius. The ability no longer has a time limit of 2 minutes, instead you are able to use it for 12 seconds, then it has a 2 minute cooldown period where you can not use it. Anyone and anything within the radius of the ability will be paused for those 12 seconds when it is active, there is no way to stop the ability once it is started and you just have to wait for the 12 seconds to be over. Anyone or anything stepping into the radius within those 12 seconds will be paused for the remainder of the ability.